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Three doesn’t have to be a crowd..

We’ve all heard it: Two is company, three’s a crowd. Unless of course, the members of your group consist of cats and rabbits.

I recently had the pleasure of looking after Ellie, Sophie and Thumper whilst their human companions were on holiday.

I am always excited to see the dynamic between different animals who live together, and I must say I have never before seen such a bond between a cat and a rabbit. From what I saw during my week with them, they actively seek to spend time together!

During my two visits a day, I spent a lot of time outside in the garden with them. Thumper would have a good run around, whilst Sophie and Ellie would usually be pottering around the garden too (if they weren’t inside having their lunch).

Such a gorgeous and unlikely friendship. Thanks for letting me be the fourth member of your group for a week ladies!

Here are some more pictures from my visits:

IMG_1909 IMG_1921 IMG_1973 IMG_1979


Hope you’re all having a great day-

Hayley 🙂