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Spring is here!

Hi everyone,

This week, I have finally felt it. Spring is upon us!

There are beautiful lambs in the fields surrounding Oakham, skipping and playing. Usually if I’m driving past I’ll pull over and get out to see them properly. Here’s a pic from my latest visit:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.26.22


It’s also been a hive of activity in my garden, with my bird feeder being occupied to maximum capacity for most of the day. I’ve really been enjoying sitting with a coffee and watching all of the birds; Starlings boisterously attacking the feeder from all angles, whilst pigeons await patiently on the ground ready to hoover up any leftovers. Then there’s the goldfinches who very gently peck at the niger seed, taking their time. Watching my garden birds has become a fairly new simple joy and really is very relaxing.

As we head into the Spring and Summer months we are able to enjoy lighter evenings and stunning sunsets- both of which make for fabulous dog walking conditions! I am also excited to be attending the annual dawn chorus event at Rutland Water in May, which is something I was recommended by Chris Packham to witness given the chance.

Well, that’s all for now! Happy Spring everyone.