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Home visits with Linga

I would like to introduce you all to a lady I met over the weekend; Linga!

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Linga is a gorgeous 7-year-old Golden Retriever who I will be seeing several times a week for her ‘wees and teas’ break. I visited her family to have a chat about her and find out what sort of character she has. Upon my arrival, she answered the door (with a bit of human help I assume) with a sock in her mouth; an item I am told she is quite partial to! After the initial excitement at there being a strange person in the house, she chilled out and flopped down on the floor by my feet for a snooze.

She’s such a fabulous girl and has made me feel very excited about Petscapades. I love meeting and getting to know dogs like Linga, and I’m really looking forward to visiting her- and her sock- very soon.

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