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EU ban on animal tested cosmetics.. FINALLY!

Today I am so thrilled to see that, after 30 years of campaigning, the European Union has passed a ban on cosmetics tested on animals. The ban also prohibits the selling or marketing of any cosmetics or ingredients that have been tested on animals outside of the EU- meaning it is now only possible to purchase cosmetics in Europe that have not been tested on animals. Full stop.

This is such fantastic news. I remember learning about Animal Laws and Legislations during my degree and being totally horrified to discover that testing cosmetics on animals was only banned within the UK, not Europe. Personally, I find testing beauty products on animals inexcusable, and quite revolting. I don’t understand how anyone could justify the pain and suffering of an animal for a make-up item or face cream (hence my love affair with LUSH)..! I have undertaken a huge amount of research to enable me to try and shop completely cruelty free. This hasn’t been as easy as you would think, and I always seem to get conflicting information regarding companies. Some sources say they do, some say they don’t. It is also difficult to find information that is not bias one way or the other… Basically, if all offending products simply had a stamp on them saying ‘TESTED ON AN ANIMAL’, my life would have been made much easier..!

The thing that has always annoyed me most is the fact that companies seem to also think testing on animals is wrong. Companies who don’t test on animals (such as LUSH) shout about it from the roof tops. And quite rightly too in my opinion, it is something to be proud of. However, try to find out any information about the testing procedures of a company who is rumoured to be testing on animals, and you will be looking for a very long time. They will do their very best to hide it from anyone and will always seem to beat around the bush.. something to hide perhaps?

The thing I have come to realise with animal related laws and legislation is this; every little helps. I often get myself into an annoyed frenzy when I think about or discuss all the horrid things that happen in the world, and the seemingly flippant response to animal cruelty related crimes. I often feel downhearted when I think that my personal efforts are merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to helping animals. However, I think today has proved that this simply isn’t the case.

I remember reading this a few months ago;

“If you ever feel like you’re too small to make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room”

…and that’s all I have to say on that :).