My name is Hayley Hamilton, nice to meet you!

I pride myself on providing a professional and fun service for people and their pets- ensuring the priority is always your pet’s welfare. I have a Foundation Degree and Higher Diploma in Applied Animal Studies from Northampton University and extensive experience in handling many different animals.

I love everything about dogs; the friendship they provide, the trust they have in their human companions, the way they will always put a smile on your face regardless of what kind of day you’ve had. They deserve the best care, which is why Petscapades exists.

Since I can remember I have been surrounded by animals. Large or small, fluffy or scaled; I have always been fascinated by the creatures that share our planet. My desire to work with animals started from an early age and I knew that in order to have a career I loved, I would have to somehow be caring for them.

Since then I have graduated from University, giving me an up-to-date and relevant qualification in the successful care of animals. Having worked for both Wood Green and the RSPCA, I have considerable experience of working with various dog breeds, cats and small animals

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your friends very soon!